Sunday, June 30, 2013

Makan - Makan || Mali's Corner, Setapak

I've been pestering Dude to try Mali's Char Koay Teow for quite some time.. Finally he just can't stand it that he brought me there.. He dropped me and Adam infront of the restaurant and he went on looking for a parking space.. 

the char koay tiaw line

Through my reading, I know that we need to queue to order.. But I didn't know that you have to get in line for everything you want to order.. there's a char koay tiaw line, then theres nasik lemak line and there a line for drinks.. it is ridiculous if you went there alone or even a couple.. since you need to queue up for everything and you even have to find a seat.. Since I'm the one queueing (I hate to ask Dude to queue since he already brought us there) for char koay tiaw and nasik lemak for Adam.. And we decided to not have the drink..

my large char koay tiaw
I had the large char koay tiaw and i got a special for Dude.. the differences are the number of prawn.. the prices are affordable.. RM6.50 for a special and RM5.00 for a large.. But personally, it's just a normal char koay teow.. it's not worth the wait and the queueing up thing.. 

nasik lemak ayam goreng

The nasik lemak seems dry. Even Adam didn't finished half of the plate.. Dude tried to help but couldn't.. Let's just the nasik lemak is just a normal nasik lemak..

For me, I won't be coming here again in the near future just for the sake of a plate of char koay teow.. ONE the queueing up thing.. I hate it that you have to queue for everything TWO it is too noisy in the restaurant.. not suitable for a family dinner THREE it is too hot inside the restaurant.. maybe the heat from the frying thing.. FOUR I would get thirsty because I hate to queue up again for drinks

But I wouldn't stop other people to go there and try.. because the food is not bad but I just did't quite like the system..

Mali's Corner @ Danau Kota   

No. 9-1, Jalan Langkawi, Platinum Walk, Danau Kota 53300 Setapak, KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 03 - 4149 1971
Hours : 0800am - 0500am

I Say 

Price : RM6.60 for a special, RM5.00 for a large, RM 5.50 for a nasik lemak ayam goreng
Food : fair
Service : depends on your strength to stand in line.. heee!
Atmosphere : a normal kopitiam but noisy..
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : in front of the restaurant.. or a basement carpark where you have to walk a bit

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