Friday, April 12, 2013

Adam & His New Haircut

Adam last haircut was earlier this year before school starts.. and the barber cum stylist is none other that the father himself.. Mr. AZ.. he was the one doing all Adam's haircut since baby..

So now he's grown up.. and I think he needs to experience haircutting in flesh.. more manja-manja cutting hair when he sleeps..

We brought him to a hair salon and he chooses his own chair.. Guess what did he chose? it's the car.. and he didn't care that the car is too small.. The haircutting part went smoothly.. but I have to hold his head still.. 1st timer.. He'll get used to it..

The best part of all is after the haircut.. time to poww mama & papa.. He drag us to the nearest Toys R Us for a train set (ouuhh.. now he's obsessed with trains..)

at Toys R Us
And today, this is his his new look.. 

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