Friday, April 26, 2013

Beef Lasagne

I went to a couple of cafe's to search for a good lasagne.. but it wasn't up to my expectation.. In the end Mr. AZ asked me to do it myself.. So this is my version of lasagne.. for me it was how I like it.. and everybody agrees.. We had the lasagne together with coleslaw and mashed potato. 


-- Bolognese Sauce
800g minced meat
1 can button mushroom - sliced
1 can tomato puree
2 tablespoons butter
garlic - finely crushed
curry powder
4 medium size fresh tomatoes - diced
onion - chopped
tomato sauce

-- Cheese Sauce
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons corn flour
4 tablespoons water
2 cups milk
125g cheddar cheese - shredded
garlic - finely crushed 

-- To combine
lasagne sheets
mozarella cheese - grated
1 fresh tomato - sliced 


-- Bolognese Sauce
1.   heat butter and fry crushed garlic until fragrant
2.   add in the minced beef and a tablespoon of curry powder. stir until dry
3.   add in the onion. stir until the onion caramelized
4.   add in the tomato puree, fresh tomato and a can of water. wait until boiled
5.   add in the button mushroom, tomato sauce, bayleaf, basil and oregano. leave to cook
6.   add in salt and pepper to taste
7.   sauce is ready when it thickened

-- Cheese Sauce
1.   melt butter in a saucepan
2.   heat up the finely crushed garlic, basil & oregano
3.   stir in corn flour together with water
4.   cook for 2 minutes over gentle heat
5.   remove from heat & pour in milk. stir well
6.   return to heat. stir until thick & smooth
7.   season with salt & pepper
8.   add in cheddar cheese
9.   stir over low heat until cheese melts

-- To Combine
1.   boil water
2.   blanch the lasagne sheets
3.   spoon the bolognese sauce in ramekin
4.   spoon a layer of cheese sauce and top with mozarella cheese
5.   lay the lasagne sheet
6.   repeat the step 3 - 5 until the top of your ramekin
7.   arrange slices of tomato on top of the cheese as garnishing 
8.   bake for 40 minutes at 150 degC or until the cheese melts and brown

bon appetit

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