Monday, April 8, 2013

Aleesya's 4th Birthday Party || Kizsports & Gym, Great Eastern Mall

Received the birthday party invitation a week before the party itself.. At first we are not going since Mr. AZ is working and the picture of me all alone handling Adam at a place like Kizsports & Gym is a no-no.. But the birthday girl's grandmother called up to ask whether Adam and Sara will be joining the party.. and I don't have the heart to say no to our neighbour.. Ouhh.. actually Aleesya is the granddaughter of my neighbour.. So we are going to the party!!! yayy!!
purple and pink

We were among the first to arrive at the party at 2 pm.. so while waiting for everybody to arrive, we were invited to play at their gym.. Adam first place was the ball pool.. just like our first visit.. he stayed there and refuse to try other places.. Unlike Sara, she roamed the whole gym.. and enjoying herself..

at the ball pool

There were face painting & tattoo.. I had to put on the tattoo so that Adam would try to.. he did the tattoo on both of his hands.. one a picture of angry bird and the other one is a spider.. he even asked for another tattoo but by then the line was long.. but we didn't get to try the face painting.. long queue.. 

around 3 pm.. a clown cum magician came and performed.. the kids were enjoying themselves.. I can see that Adam couldn't understand any of the jokes.. but he laugh when other people laugh.. he clapped when other people clapped.. good job son!

waiting for the clown cum magician show

The clown invited a child to assist him with his tricks.. and Adam was one of them.. when he called out for Adam to join him.. something funny happens.. Sara follow Adam to the front.. I guess she was used to go everywhere that Adam go.. but the clown asked Sara to sit.. politely that is..

one of the tricks
Adam's turn to assist

At first I thought that Adam would refuse and cry.. but he surprised me.. he did whatever the clown ask him to do.. and he was very participative.. at one point I saw that he was about to bursts out crying when he can't do what the clown did.. but noooo.. he kept on a straight face and carry on.. and he was rewarded with a lollipop and a big round of applause for his tricks.. another good job son!!

Adam was enjoying singing with clapping

After the clown trick.. they brought out the cake.. it was a Dora cake.. it is said that the birthday girl loves Dora so much.. no wonder all the balloons was pink and purple.. Adam was singing wholeheartedly.. and waited for the cake.. but we were then ushered for a game of hidden treasure.. the kids have to search for a card displaying their prizes placed in their gym..Adam did find 2 treasure card and was rewarded with 2 soft toys..

Sadly we have to leave since we have other engagements.. But Adam and Sara really enjoyed their time at the Birthday Party.. hope for a more birthday party invite in future so that Adam will be more comfortable to socialise..

There were not much picture of the party since my phone were cranky and kept on turning off while Mr. AZ accidentally brought along my camera to work..


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