Sunday, April 14, 2013

Makan - Makan || Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, Alamanda

Another craving of a colleague to fulfill.. this time around a craving for pasta.. After a long discussion we decided to go to Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe.. there quite a crowd at the cafe.. but still it's easy to get a sit.. 

menu book

When seated we were given a menu.. after a couple of minutes, a waiter came and ask for our order.. I said we weren't ready yet.. after that another one came and I said the same.. and then another one came and I think another 2 came after that to ask for our order.. It's quite irritating when you were still going through the menu and couldn't decide on what to eat but were interrupted with the question "can I have your order?"

the cashier
the deco

after that everything was fine.. and our order came perfectly.. not too long even with the crowd they have..

These are what we have that day..

fresh watermelon juice
warm water
fresh apple juice

The fruit juice was really fresh and awesome..

steaky ciabatta
It is a kind of sandwich with steak and onion ring as the filling.. the steak was nice.. would order this if we were to come here again..

lamb chop
the lamb chop was nicely season and cooked.. but the letdown was the sauce and vege under the lamb..

seafood aglio olio
My colleague took the Lunch promotion meal that comes together with a soup of the day and cake of the day.. the spaghetti was nice.. 

wild mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was not the creamy one.. but still it was nice..

cake of the day - chocolate cake

Okay.. the cake was nothing to shout about.. the conclusion.. we don't like it..

It was a fulfilling lunch..and the price was okay.. in fact we got discounts for the juices and sandwich.. The cafe have this promotion of 50% off for sandwiches and fresh fruit juices.. and the promotion is running all through April.. So start your engine and visit Garden Lifestyle & Cafe nearest you.. ahahahah.. dah macam iklan pulak..

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Alamanda
Lot CBP01, Plaza Level, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1, 62000 PUTRAJAYA  
Tel : 03 - 8888 2072 
Hours : 1000am - 1000pm (daily) 

I Say  

Price : the price was less than RM100 with the discounts.. couldn't remember the exact figure..  
Food : nice 
Service : everything was okay except for the order taking part..   
Atmosphere : eating in the garden.. that's more like it..   
Cleanliness : clean     
Parking : parking at the shopping centre carpark

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