Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makan - Makan || Fiske Steakhouse, Taman Keramat

Actually we've been to this place couple of years before.. but I don;t why we didn't came back after that.. It was one of the day that we passed by this restaurant..we saw the place was packed..

full house

One of the nights we came here.. and ordered their special.. these are what we had..

mushroom soup & garlic bread for Adam
For me the mushroom soup just like any other mushroom soup..

Mr. AZ Mixed Grill
According to Mr. AZ.. the Mixed Grill was okay.. but he'll stick to his favourite place.. the mixed grill is served together with coleslaw, mashed potato and baked beans..

Mine Special Beef Steak
My beef steak was a bit chewy.. and is served together with coleslaw, mashed potato & spaghetti..

Ouhh.. they even have asam pedas set menu.. maybe I should try them on my next visit..

I don't think we'll come back in the near future.. cause we've got a better place to go to.. with the same food and money value..

Fiske Steakhouse, Keramat
No. K4, Medan Selera AU2, Taman Desa Keramat 54200 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel :  017 - 374 2109 / 017 - 212 1649
Hours : 0600pm - 1200am (close on Mondays)
I Say

Price : around RM 44 for all the dish we ordered.. its affordable
Food : the presentation was truly appetizing and tempting.. but the steak was a bit chewy
Service : service was fast! we were serve with all the dishes around 15 minutes after order
Atmosphere : inside a bit cramp and stuffy.. would prefer sitting outside
Cleanliness : clean  
Parking : parking is a bit of a problem.. eventhough there were parking at the medan selera.. but still sometimes you have to double park or even worst by the main roadside


yus said...

wheres that better place? wud love to to try..

Allan said...

Two Thumbs Down! The meat was overcooked, became hard. When complained, the guy scolded us. Very bad service. We inform for their own good. This shop can go to hell. Baru nak naik dah sombong bongkak.