Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Makan - Makan || Sara Thai Kichen, Balok

Actually we saw this restaurant during our previous trip to Kuantan but didn't get the time to dine there..

I was awed by the restaurant landscape.. it's like eating in the luxury of our own veranda.. seriously.. It felt like home..

menu book

At first we ordered this..

udang goreng tepung
the batter was different from what we used to have.. it was a nice kind of different.. we like it! the chilli a bit spicy not the usual sweet taste..

tomyam campur
the tomyam was full of seafood.. and the taste hit right at the every spot.. spicy is the main thing.. 

kailan ikan masin
I love their kailan ikan masin because the kailan is still crunchy even after awhile.. look at how green the green is..

ayam goreng kunyit
At first Adam have his chicken with rice.. after that he just meratah the chicken..

After all of the above were served, we decided to add couple of dishes more.. dasar tamak haloba!! sebab nampak macam sikit sangat lauk..

ikan aji-aji bakar petai
I guess the downfall of this dish was the fish.. it tasted too fishy for me.. maybe we should just stick to our normal ikan siakap (barramundi) or better ikan pari (stingray)..

sotong goreng tepung
the batter is just the same as the prawn.. but they fried it magnificently that sotong is still juicy.. this is our lauk meratah..

Sara Thai Kitchen, Balok
Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman, Kampung Chengal Lempong, Balok 26100 PAHANG
Tel : 012 - 949 3466
Hours : 1230pm - 1200am (daily) 
I Say
Price : we paid RM90+ for everything 
Food : all the food was full with flavours.. but ikan bakar petai is not too our liking.. most probably not for us..
Service : can be improved..
Atmosphere : beautifully decorated restaurant.. its like eating in a garden..
Cleanliness : clean  
Parking : parking lot

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