Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brainy Bunch Sports Day 2013 || UPM Stadium, Serdang

We start very early from home.. because we need to arrive at the venue around 7.30 am.. Adam was excited and all geared up with his green house tee.. half of the way, it started to rain.. oh noo!! we didn't prepare for rain but we did prepare for a very sunny day.. me with hat and all.. and we didn't have umbrella in the car.. so had to stopped at 7 eleven and buy one..

early morning start

we are coming!

At the entrance of UPM gate.. it was crawling with cars.. I guess all were going to the stadium.. By then the rain already stopped.. we parked somewhere outside the stadium by the side of a small road.. and walked to the stadium.. there we were ushered to our respective zone.. Adam is in Zone 3.. so we go and grab our meal by presenting the meal voucher.. 

Adam at his tent

having his breakfast

Made our way to the children tents..  it was all colourful with different branch wearing different coloured tee.. and they were themed based on animal.. and we spotted Adam's branch.. he's and otter.. His aunties greeted him and brought him into the tent and put on his name sticker and gave him his breakfast..

the battle field

Me and Mr. AZ just left him there and find us a place to seat..and we waited.. most probably they were waiting for the weather to be a bit better before they start.. according to the emcee they were expecting around 4 thousand people to attend.. whoaaahh!! macam MSSD la pulak..

the green walrus of Wangsa Maju

Finally at 9.30 am the event starts.. even by then there were still some parents who just arrived.. they started the ceremony with parade of flags by elementary students and then followed by doa.. then comes the parade of houses.. Adam was the green walrus.. after that Negaraku and Selangor Anthem.. this continues with al-fatihah and sports doa led by the kindies.. and then national pledge (rukunegara) still by the kindies.. and followed by opening speech by the chairman.. Me and Mr. AZ missed all of the above because we sit at the back tent.. and all we saw was crowd up infront..

waiting for the game to start

cheering on

in action

Then the games started for all levels and branches concurrently.. it's up to the parents to watch around the field.. While the kids are excited doing their tasks.. the parents are asked by the emcee to cheer on them.. the words that stuck to my mind is "take your time.. take your own sweet time.. the world is waiting for you..no worries" 

happy boy
running excitedly showing off their medal

In the end.. each and everyone get their medals and prizes.. Adam was really really happy with his medal.. he shouted.. "mama!! look Adam got coin!!" and he was and still are wearing the medal everywhere.. until now..

After that they have the parents games which we missed because we had to be somewhere else..

That was our first experience with Adam sports day.. and many more to come in future.. I hope I won't missed any of it.. because I love watching his face expression when he achieved something.. PRICELESS!!

I don't have many pictures of the event.. according to the emcee they have 11 photographers to cover the event and the pictures will be made available for the parents.. so wait until I get the hold of the pictures and I will be updating again on this..

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