Saturday, April 20, 2013

Makan - Makan || Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, Tanjung Lumpur

We came here with a friend of Mr. AZ who lives in Kuantan.. he suggested here.. it must be good.. I knew that they have a branch somewhere in Bangi but never got the chance to try.. We met at the restaurant early before Maghrib since there were surau at the restaurant..

There's still alot of empty tables when we arrived and still easy to pilih-pilih the seafood.. I just let Mr. Az and his friend do the food ordering process.. 

still wearing his medal

These are what Mr. AZ ordered..

ayam goreng kunyit for Adam

ikan masak 3 rasa

Ok I admit that I didn't know the name of the fish that Mr. AZ choose for this type of cooking.. but I don't quite like it because the fish is not garing.. the fish cooked not to my liking but I love the 3 rasa sauce.. full of taste..

butter prawn

I doubt this is the normal butter prawn.. perhaps butter prawn tak jadi?? the size of the prawn was huge.. the taste was there but not the look..

sotong goreng tepung
This is the best dish of the whole lot.. I just can't stop eating.. I almost asked Mr. Az to order another plate.. I end up eating this with plain rice.. seriously.. very tasty.. I think everyone should order this if you ever come here.. you'll miss the best sotong goreng ever!

We were quite please with the food they serve here.. even the service was good eventhough they were full that night.. When we left, there were a couple of groups waiting to be seated..

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, Tanjung Lumpur
Pantai Selera, Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan PAHANG 
Tel : 019 - 998 9175/ 019 - 987 8155
Hours : 0530pm - 1200am (daily)

I Say  
Price : we paid RM90+ for everything
Food : the best sotong goreng tepung ever.. other food was nice.. but we didn't try their specials ikan bakar petai.. maybe should try it on our next visit..
Service : service was a breeze.. but I don't agree that they serve 1 dish at a time since the difference between serving 1 dish after another is just a couple of minutes apart.. some more they serve rice as the last dish..
Atmosphere : food joint for all walks of life..  
Cleanliness : clean     
Parking : parking by the street or the parking lot across the street

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