Monday, April 22, 2013

Makan - Makan || Warung Otak-Otak Che Wan, Kemaman

It was like a message being sent to us when we were relaxing in the hotel room.. there were a tv show on food in Terengganu.. and they went to this warung that sells the best satar and otak-otak.. and the host said that it is  family run business and they also involve the villagers.. especially to help wrap the fish paste to a cone shape like the normal satar look..


So we just get ready and head to Kemaman.. it was quite a long journey from Balok to Kemaman.. I never remember it to be that long.. It was not that difficult to find the warung once you arrived at Pantai Teluk Mak nik.. You won't missed the warung..

waiting for the food

There were already a bus infront of the warung.. but luckily there's still empty tables.. as we sat, a makcik came for our order.. Mr. AZ ordered a plate of satar and another plate of otak-otak.. while we wait for our order we can see that there's a couple of ladies is preparing otak-otak.. 


The otak-otak was different from the normal otak-otak Kempas.. this one is not the processed meat.. but small cuts of fish with their special marinated otak-otak sauce.. it was something different but nice.. Adam usually would fight for an otak-otak didn't quite like this version.. he refuses to even try them.. Mr. AZ love it.. he even ordered for another plate of otak-otak.. I didn't quite remember how many otak-otak in a plate..

fresh satar

Satar was delicious.. I love this one the most (from my experience of satar eating) because this one didn't have the fish bones sticking out from the satar.. it was a smooth and clean satar.. For me the taste was almost the same to any other satar I've tasted before..

After that Mr. AZ added a plate of keropok lekor and pulut panggang.. yummy.. the pulut panggang was full with inti ikan.. and is different from the normal selling in KL..and is still warm..the keropok lekor was fresh.. they fry when ordered.. so the keropok lekor serve to your table piping hot..

It was a fulfilling trip.. eventhough we have to travel for 1 hour plus to only have snacks.. even Mr. AZ agree to that.. 

Warung Otak-Otak Che Wan, Kemaman 
Off Jalan Besar Kuantan-Kemaman, Taman Geliga, Kuala Kemaman, 24000 TERENGGANU   
Tel : 013 - 987 3557  
Hours : 0200pm - 0700pm (daily)

I Say   
Price : it was RM28+ for everything we had plus drinks 
Food : the specials are satar, otak-otak, pais, pulut panggang and the list goes on.. but did't get to try all of it.. would come again for them.. 
Service : service that I have nothing to complain about.. but maybe the aunty taking the order can smile a bit? 
Atmosphere : local warung
Cleanliness : clean 
Parking : parking by the street

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